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The Classical Association of Scotland (Edinburgh and S.E. Centre) was formed at the urging of the Classical Association of Scotland to 'bring together on the broadest possible basis all those interested in classical studies from the literary, scholastic, historical or antiquarian side'. It inaugurated in Edinburgh under its auspices on 21 March 1922. A blend of academics from the University of Edinburgh (the Professors of English, Fine Art, Greek and Humanity, in this instance)  and  classicists from Edinburgh schools (George Watson's Ladies' College, The Royal High School, The Edinburgh Academy, Daniel Stewart's College and the High School, Kelso) made up the first Committee, a tradition which has continued and will continue throughout our history. Even then the teaching of classics in higher education was seen as 'uphill work', which 'would only be strengthened by a large membership of the Centre with a general interest in the subject', as The Scotsman reported at the time!